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    Euromarina’s guide to housing types to find your ideal home

    The purchase of a home transcends the mere selection of a living space. It represents the choice of a corner of the world that becomes a reflection of who we are, a sanctuary where our experiences, memories and priceless moments are woven together day after day. It is a setting in which every corner, every design and every type of home echoes our personality, aspirations and dreams.

    The real estate market has evolved to respond to these deeply personal and sophisticated demands. For those who have an exquisite palate and seek the best of the best, finding the right home becomes a mission that prioritises quality, luxury and exclusivity. It is not just about acquiring a property, but about investing in a lifestyle that represents the pinnacle of comfort, elegance and good taste.

    Prestigious locations such as Rojales, Los Arenales del Sol de Elche, Doña Pepa – Ciudad Quesada, Guardamar del Segura, La Manga del Mar Menor, La Zenia (Orihuela Costa) and Los Alcázares (Murcia), among other locations on the Costa Blanca or the Costa Cálida, bear witness to this evolution. These regions, with their rich history and charm, have become home to majestic homes that are truly habitable works of art. At Euromarina you will find, from modern flats with panoramic views of the Mediterranean to stately villas nestled in dreamlike landscapes, the range of possibilities is as vast as it is varied, ensuring that each person finds that unique space that resonates perfectly with their being.

    Exclusive housing types

    The world of luxury homes is full of nuances. Every space, every detail and every design reflects a unique vision of good living. By exploring the Euromarina portal, you will enter an unparalleled experience, where each type of home is more than just a structure; it is a habitable work of art. 

    Discover with us the different types of exclusive homes that not only set trends, but also elevate and redefine what it means to live with distinction. 

    With Euromarina, fulfilling your dream is more than possible.

    Villas: Spaces of exclusivity and privacy

    A villa is defined as a type of single-family home, usually of generous dimensions, which enjoys a certain degree of independence thanks to its outdoor spaces such as gardens or swimming pools. But beyond its structure, a villa is a reflection of good taste, spaciousness and the aspiration to live in an environment that offers both comfort and exclusivity.

    The desire to own a villa is not just about its imposing construction or meticulous design; it is about the promise of a life away from the hustle and bustle, in a space that is tailored to the needs and luxuries of the owner

    It is a statement of status, but also a commitment to a superior quality of life, where every sunrise is viewed with a panoramic view and every sunset is enjoyed in the serenity of a garden of one’s own. For many, to acquire a villa is to achieve a dream of exclusivity, privacy and true distinction.

    Essential characteristics of the villas

    These are the essential characteristics that define the villas: 

    • Spaciousness: Generous spaces ranging from luxurious interiors to extensive gardens.
    • Privacy: Located in privileged locations, they guarantee exclusivity and serenity.
    • Personalised design: Fusing modern architecture with the possibility of adapting to the owner’s taste.

    Penthouses: Panoramic views from above

    A penthouse is the jewel of any residential building. Located on the top floor, it is a type of dwelling that offers unparalleled panoramic views of its surroundings. These elevated dwellings are more than just living spaces; they are a symbol of status and distinction. 

    For many, owning a penthouse is a desire driven not only by the spectacular views and exclusivity, but also by the ample space and the ability to design outdoor terraces that become private oases. It is a space that promises serenity, luxury and an elevated perspective on life.

    Essential characteristics of attics

    Let’s take a look at some of the main characteristics that define penthouses: 

    • Elevated location: Guaranteeing unrivalled panoramic views.
    • Spacious terraces: Outdoor spaces that add exclusivity and privacy.
    • Premium design: Finishes and details that reflect luxury and distinction.

    Flats: Modernity and functionality

    A flat on the Costa Blanca or Costa Cálida is not simply a living space, it is a showcase of the luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle. Located on some of Spain’s most desirable coastlines, these flats are a type of home that offers a combination of modern design with panoramic views that capture the essence of the Mediterranean and unrivalled proximity to dream beaches.

    The desire to own a flat in these areas lies not only in the natural charm of its location, but also in the prestige that comes with it. It represents having a corner of an earthly paradise, a haven where luxury meets comfort and where every sunrise promises to be as magical as the sunset that follows.

    Essential characteristics of the flats

    Here are some of the main characteristics that define the flats: 

    • Modern design: Contemporary finishes with maximum natural light.
    • Privileged location: Close to beaches and leisure areas.
    • Integrated amenities: From communal swimming pools to private gardens or solarium.
    • Security: Quiet and safe residential areas.

    Semi-detached villas: Shared luxury with a private touch

    A semi-detached villa, also known as a townhouse in some regions, is a dwelling that combines the elegance and spaciousness of a villa with the communal proximity of a flat. It is characterised by sharing side walls with other dwellings, but with the independence of having its own entrance and, often, private outdoor space. 

    Anyone would want to own a semi-detached villa. This is due to the possibility of enjoying ample space and, at the same time, maintaining a connection with the surrounding neighbourhood. It is ideal for those who are looking for a middle ground between the exclusivity of a detached villa and the comfort of a flat

    In places like the Costa Blanca or the Costa Cálida, these properties become even more attractive due to their breathtaking views and proximity to the coast, offering luxurious living without renouncing the Mediterranean essence.

    Essential characteristics of semi-detached villas

    Therefore, among the essential characteristics of semi-detached villas we highlight:

    • Guaranteed privacy: Despite sharing walls.
    • Exclusive spaces: With their own garden and solarium.
    • Sense of community: Close to neighbours but with independence.

    Practical location and modern design.

    Why should you buy any of these types of properties in Euromarina?

    When choosing the ideal home, every detail counts. And at Euromarina, we deeply understand this premise. We don’t just offer properties, we present lifestyles that cater to the most refined visions of comfort and luxury. From villas to contemporary flats overlooking the Mediterranean, our selection is carefully tailored to ensure that each home is more than an investment – it is an extension of your identity.

    By choosing Euromarina, you’re not just choosing a home, you’re choosing a legacy. A legacy that highlights your commitment to good taste, quality and exclusivity. The Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida, with their rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes, become the perfect backdrop for the homes that will define your standard of living. 

    It’s time to take the leap, to make the decision that will take you to the next chapter of your life. Let us be that bridge to your real estate dream. At Euromarina, your next home awaits you.

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