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    Some times people are unsure of the advantages of buying a new home. Let us help you discover 10 surprising benefits of buying a new home.


    New home

    1. Economic energy saving of up to 30%, due to rational use, and consumption of, renewable energy sources. The reduction of energy in new constructions will be considered highly and this traslates to an annual saving of money.


    New home


    2. Structures are warranted for 10 years.
This guarantee on damages by vices
or defects that affect the foundations, supports, beams, floor structure or other structural elements that jeopardize the mechanical resistance and stability of the building.


    New home


    3. No need for renovation and low maintenance. In an old house, generally, it’s necessary to make some reformations, mainly for the renovation of the electrical and water conducting systems.


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    4. The materials used today are more durable besides being more eco-efficient. We have created a concept which we call ECO-LUXE in which we fused the ecological aspect without forgetting the luxury and the quality that has always characterized us such as materials which do not contaminate the environment, strategic orientation of the houses, concrete cantilevers that maximize the sun-effect and study of houses with cross ventilation.


    New home Spain


    5. New homes are built of re-enforced concrete pillars and are built to withstand possible earthquakes.
All these factors taken together give to the new construction a greater security and protection to the users.


    New home


    6. They are equipped with innovative materials, such as thermal acoustic insulation providing high quality construction.
Thanks to use of new materials, the new houses are better insulated which facilitates to the maintenance of desired temperature. In the older houses something so simple is tremendously difficult and expensive.
This way, you can save up to 30% to 70% on your electricity bills.


    New home


    7. All pre-installation technologies are highest quality.
 The materials used in new houses must be CE compliant, which are all those products that apertain to the essential requirements of the buildings such as mechanical resistance and stability, security in case of fire, protection against noise, saving of energy and thermal insulation.


    New home


    8. Euromarina gives a guarantee of up to three years as the promoter.
Compensation of material damages caused in the building by faults or defects of the construction elements that cause the breach ofthe habitability requirements.


    New home


    9. A new home is free of charge without prior mortgages of debts.
Without debts of any type: pending water invoices, light, community fees, IBI etc.


    New home Spain


    10. In a new home everything is brand new and logically most people like to be the first occupants of their home. When buying an older house, the buyer acquires a property that has been previously occupied, and may have hidden problems. The failures may incur unexpected and expensive works, as well, of course as the emotional cost.

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