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    Welcome to the Mediterranean coast, where the waters of Torrevieja are getting ready to welcome young elite sailors from more than 20 different countries for the 16th edition of the Euromarina Optimist Trophy. From the 25th to the 28th of January, the city becomes the epicentre of the sport of sailing, offering participants and spectators a unique and exciting experience.

    Torrevieja: A Coastal Charm for Competition

    Torrevieja, with its coastal charm and rich maritime history, is the perfect setting for this prestigious regatta. Its waters and picturesque scenery provide the ideal backdrop for these young talents to demonstrate their skills and passion for sailing.

    The coastal town of Torrevieja is not only noted for its natural beauty, but also for its commitment to top class sailing events. The Euromarina Optimist Trophy has become an emblematic event that attracts sailors from all over the world, consolidating Torrevieja as a renowned sailing destination.

    Values and Effort in the Sport of Sailing

    Sailing is much more than a competition; it is a sport that fosters fundamental values such as dedication, discipline and teamwork. The young sailors participating in the Euromarina Optimist Trophy are not only competing for victory, but also forging lasting friendships and learning life lessons that they will carry with them long after the sails have been folded.

    The dedication and hard work these young athletes demonstrate on the water are inspiring examples for all. In a world driven by technology, sailing offers a unique opportunity to unwind, connect with nature and face character-building challenges.

    Through sport, these young sailors overcome language and cultural barriers, sharing a common passion that unites them at sea.

    The friendship that emerges in the context of sailing goes beyond temporary rivalries on the water. It is a reminder that, regardless of our differences, we all share the same love of sailing and respect for the ocean that connects us.

    Space Expansion: Two New Ramps

    This year, the Euromarina Optimist Trophy takes a step forward by improving the logistics of the event with the addition of two new ramps for the Optimist start. This expansion not only facilitates the flow of the competition, but also elevates the excitement by giving the competitors even more space to showcase their skills.

    The addition of these new ramps is a testament to the organisation’s continued commitment to improving and optimising the event. It offers sailors and spectators a smoother and more exciting experience, ensuring that every moment is memorable.

    Welcome Party: Thursday 25 January at 19:00 h

    On Thursday 25 January, from 19:00 h, everyone is invited to get into the spirit of camaraderie at the Welcome Party. A presentation party where all the teams take the stage with their country’s flag, a welcome moment that is already part of this event.

    The Welcome Party is the perfect opportunity for participants to relax, share experiences and prepare for the competition ahead.

    Awards Ceremony: Sunday 29th January at 17:30 h.

    The climax of the event will come on Sunday 29 January at 17:30 h with the long awaited awards ceremony. It will be the moment to recognise and honour the hard work and dedication of the young sailors who have left everything on the water. The excitement will be at its peak when the names of those who excelled in the competition will be revealed.

    The awards ceremony will also be a time to thank everyone involved, from the sailors to the support staff and, of course, the sponsors who make this world-class event possible.

    The Euromarina Optimist Trophy would not be possible without the generous support of sponsors who believe in the power of sport and community. We would like to express our special thanks to Pellicer & Heredia abogados, the main sponsor, whose commitment has been fundamental in bringing this regatta to fruition.

    In addition, we extend our thanks to the sponsors: La Caixa, Golosinas Vidal, Mediterráneo administrador de fincas, Hotel La Laguna and Boga Deco.Their support not only contributes to the success of the event, but also demonstrates a commitment to the development of sport and the promotion of positive values among young people.

    Encouragement to Young Sailors and Good Luck to All

    To all the young sailors, we would like to send a message of encouragement and admiration. May this competition be an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, celebrate friendship and experience the thrill of the sport of sailing. We wish each of them the best of luck and success in their voyages around the waters of Torrevieja.

    May the waves guide them to victory and may this experience be as enriching as it is exciting. Go ahead, brave sailors, may the wind always be in your favour!

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